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Business Day reports – “US agribusiness giant buys major stake in SA firm”

Some good news coming out of South Africa last week. ‘Land O’Lakes, a Fortune 500 member-owned co-operative based in Minnesota, posting $15bn in sales last year, is the latest to announce a move. Last week it said it was acquiring […]

‘South African team may have solved solar puzzle even Google couldn’t crack’ – The Guardian

A research group at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape will be unveiling a small scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) pilot project in October 2015 with over 100 heliostats of 2.2 sq meters each, generating 150 Kilowatts (kW) of power in total – enough […]

fin24 reports “ANC turns anti-West, declares US stance on China, Russia a Cold War”

The ANC’s policy discussion document referred to in the fin24 article takes an unfortunate position, premised on a world view having it’s origins in the Cold War era. Betting South Africa’s fortunes against so-called ‘US-led Western imperialism’ is neither wise […]

South African Airways announces new route between Washington DC and Accra, Ghana

SAA expands West Africa Network with new service between Washington DC and Accra, Ghana.  Special introductory fare of $899*round-trip (restrictions apply) to celebrate the only route between Washington D.C. and Accra Click to download SAA announcement