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MBA Africa Alliance

The MBA Africa Alliance is the core network of Africa focused business clubs and organizations from leading MBA and graduate programs.  The goal of the Alliance is to organize future global business leaders who have an interest in Africa and a desire to network, share knowledge, and discover business opportunities.

Through this network, Africa business clubs can leverage support from one another to achieve even higher goals and gain insight from the larger Africa business community.  The Alliance offers prospective, current, and past students access to a growing network of alumni, business leaders and the ability to harness the momentum of its members.


The MBA Africa Alliance was launched at SACCA´s Africa Platform in 2008, spurred by the discussion at the Wharton Annual Africa Business Conference in 2007. At that conference, the Presidents and Officers of several major Africa business clubs gathered in support of launching the MBA Africa Alliance as part of the Africa Platform.

Watch Video: Euvin Naidoo, President of SACCA, Announces Launch of MBA Africa Alliance

MBA Africa Business Club Directory

The MBA Africa Business Club Directory is a collection of the Africa business focused clubs from the leading MBA and graduate programs. The purpose of the directory is to show the landscape of existing clubs and makes it easier for clubs to connect and interact with each other.

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Resume Book

SACCA works alongside several leading multinational companies who have offices in Africa and the Americas and seek to recruit future Africa business leaders.  These dedicated and committed individuals have strong backgrounds in their fields, and range across industries from engineering, agriculture, technology to financial services.  

If interested in having your resume included in the SACCA resume book, e-mail:

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Get involved

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