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About Africa Platform

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Africa Platform

The Africa Platform (AP) provides a trans-Atlantic bridge connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, ideas, and investors between the Americas and Africa. The Platform acts as the foundation for SACCA´s initiatives including the Africa Business Leader Platform, the Africa Entrepreneurship Platform, the MBA Africa Alliance, and the Missing Middle Initiative. These four initiatives are the key pillars supporting SACCA´s mission to facilitate trade, job creation, and economic development between the two continents.

Africa Business Leader Platform

The African Business Leader Platform (ABLP), brings together Africa’s leading business voices to examine the latest developments on the continent. As part of ABLP, SACCA has formed links with leading executives from across all industries with a focus on financial services including commercial banks, investment banks, private equity, venture capital, and asset management firms.

Africa Entrepreneurship Platform

The Africa Entrepreneurship Platform was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007.  It was established to support trans-Atlantic African entrepreneurs by providing technical assistance, educational guidance, market exposure, business plan guidance, and high-level introductions through its African Entrepreneurship Platform (AEP). In addition to AEP events, Africa Platform Fellows participate in a program through which they receive individual guidance on their business plans and growth strategy. They also receive assistance in finding needed management team members, partnerships, and/or investors. The ultimate goal is to provide the entrepreneurs on both continents the resources they need to grow effective and sustainable offshore business models and achieve maximum job creation.

Africa is capable of developing world class entrepreneurs with ideas and business models that can succeed internationally yet when the world seeks sources of new ideas and growth opportunities, for many, it is not Africa that first springs to mind. There is a growing segment of African SMEs and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses internationally, but the task is often daunting and many feel alone and isolated when starting this process.

Watch Video: Launch of the Africa Entrepreneurship Platform

MBA Africa Alliance

The MBA Africa Alliance is the core network of Africa focused business clubs and organizations from the leading MBA/graduate programs.  The Alliance was first presented at the AEP in 2008.  The goal of The Alliance is to organize the future global business leaders to network, share knowledge and resources, and learn about business/career opportunities.

Through this network, members can learn which other MBA programs have Africa focused business clubs, what other groups are doing, and what events are taking place on the topic.

Link to MBA Africa Alliance: MBA Africa Alliance

Missing Middle Initiative

The Missing Middle Initiative was launched at the World Economic Forum´s Meeting in Davos, January 2010. As defined by the Initiative, the "Missing Middle" is “the gap in capital which is larger than microfinance, yet smaller than traditional institutional financing in emerging and frontier markets.” In emerging markets, the SME finance space is still in its infancy. There are currently only a handful of emerging market focused SME investors actively investing in this sector.

The purpose of the Missing Middle Initiative is to call attention to the "SME Finance Gap" that exists, such as in Africa, and put a spotlight on the need to fill the gap with SME financing by showcasing the initiative on global platforms, indentifying who the main players are and bringing them into the discussion, and creating an information center that highlights challenges and solutions, defines the topic, and clarifies the opportunity of financial and social returns.

Link to Missing Middle Initiative: Missing Middle Initiative

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