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SACCA´s new brand and website collaboration: a case study for US-Africa partnerships

Our position

In 2008, SACCA embarked on an exciting journey to develop a new website and brand that would capture the spirit of SACCA´s innovative programs such as the Africa Entrepreneurship Platform and emphasize its transatlantic mission.  In seeking partners to work on this project, SACCA sought and procured leading talent out of Africa.  SACCA´s website therefore represents more than just a means to share information and news, it is a case study US-Africa partnerships.

The new website bears testament to the talent of African based web designers and brand consultants showcasing the enormous capability of African service providers and designers.  In developing the website, SACCA, based in the US, worked closely with two leading providers ID&B Design and JGH Internet, both based in South Africa, highlighting that undertaking projects across the Atlantic can be a seamless process.

The result is a dynamic website and online presence that this transatlantic alliance can be proud of.  We encourage all to explore partnering with the excellent providers of web and design services out of Africa.  The fundamental industry characteristic of web and design services is that borders do not matter.  Africa has service providers that are world class, deliver on time and are driven to exceed expectations, all within a cost level that is both competitive and attractive.

ID&B Design

ID&B is a dynamic design consultancy building brands from the inside out. ID&B works with organizations in times of transformation, mergers, expansion or revitalization to establish where a client’s branding will have the most impact.  ID&B works across industries, continents and cultures, creating new spaces for innovation and creativity in business.  ID&B is an African founded business that has the potential to effectively serve clients across the globe.

JGH Internet

JGH is a cutting edge web design studio based in South Africa focusing on the creation of dynamic, content driven websites and web based products for local and international clients through research, design and application of social media technologies. Using advanced Web 2.0 technologies and intuitive design sensibilities, JGH has developed an easy to use online product called “Ice Cream” to empower clients to effortlessly manage and control their online content on the Internet. JGH illustrates the opportunity international companies have to partner with African based web designers.

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