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Intellecap Provides Innovative Business Solutions

Intellecap Provides Innovative Business Solutions


Intellecap is a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change. Intellecap's unique positioning at the intersection of social and commercial business sectors allows it to attract and nurture intellectual capital that combines the business training of the commercial world with the passion and commitment of the social world to shape distinctive solutions. The organization was founded in 2002 and the clients include a broad range of enterprises, investors, development finance institutions, foundations, and private sector corporations. Intellecap has worked with more than 60 clients on over 250 engagements across 15 countries around the world, with a special focus on South and South East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Key assignments in Africa include: Risk Management for Susu Microfinance Bank in Nigeria: Intellecap developed the operational risk management framework for Susu Microfinance Bank in Nigeria. The framework enabled the senior management of the bank monitor and control risks. Support was also extended to improve process efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Business strategy for Oando PLC in Nigeria: Intellecap developed a strategy for Oando PLC, a leading oil and gas retailer, to increase outreach of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to low-income households in Nigeria by leveraging the microfinance channel.

Sustainable urban transport solutions in Kenya: Intellecap identified potential sustainable urban transport solutions (including business models) and corresponding policy interventions needed, that could improve commuting of the urban poor in Kenya. The study was supported by Rockefeller Foundation.

West Africa Microfinance Study: In 2008, Intellecap conducted a study on the micro finance landscape in 4 West African countries - Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra, Leone and Liberia, identified the demand and supply of micro finance products and services in the region, analysed existing regulations, funding structures and MFI legal structures and operating models and identified challenges and opportunities for MFIs and investors interested in the region.

Incubating and Scaling Microfinance Institutions: IntelleCash , a Non-Banking Finance Company that was founded by Intellecap, has provided consulting services to three growing Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria. These consulting services included operational planning, systems and process training, on-site execution support, linkages to debt and equity funding, and long term strategic support.

Seminar titled Microfinance in Africa: What Works? The Future of Entrepreneurship, Technology & Regulation: In 2008, Intellecap hosted a half-day seminar in Nairobi in Kenya with support from Crafts Silicon, Unitus, Blue Financial Services, and CGAP. Over 100 participants including microfinance practitioners and leaders, technology providers, regulators, investors, donors and social entrepreneurs attended. This was structured as a 4-hour event including a panel discussion with experts with different and varying perspectives, a moderated Q&A, and a networking reception.

FICCI-IFC-Intellecap South-South Africa-India Roundtable on Microfinance: In early 2012, Intellecap partnered with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to organize a half day round table discussion on Microfinance with a special focus on possible opportunities of collaboration between India and Africa. The meeting brought together 30 organizations and individuals playing key roles in the microfinance space in the Indian subcontinent and Africa.

Intellecap's future plans for working in the region include:  " Building an online community of practitioners to promote South-South Collaboration as an approach to help the social enterprise space in the Global South grow." Expanding existing platforms: In 2009 Intellecap created the "Sankalp Forum" as a platform to catalyse impact investing in South and South East Asia. In the past 3 years it has connected over 400 social enterprises to 300 funders and donors. In the near future, we plan to extend this platform to Africa as well.



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